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私家版 桑島薫写真集『あわいのまにまに』




金柑画廊で2022年8月に開催した桑島薫写真展『あわいのまにまに』にあわせて制作された同タイトル写真集。桑島薫の感じた古くも新鮮に飛び込んでくる京都での風景や体験が瑞々しい色と光で撮影されている。 A photo book of the same title produced in conjunction with the exhibition of Kaoru Kuwajima "Awai no mani mani" at Kinkan Gallery. The scenery and experiences in Kyoto, which Kaoru Kuwajima felt jumped into her mind as old culture but something new, are photographed with fresh colors and light. --- 私家版 桑島薫写真集『あわいのまにまに』 2022年8月11日発行 257×198mm/無線綴じ/ソフトカバー/カラー印刷/108ページ 限定100部/サイン入り/展示DMカード付 ¥3,300(税込) private edition Photo book "Awai no Manimani” Kaoru Kuwajima Published August 11, 2022 257 x 198mm / Wireless binding / Softcover / Color printing / 108 pages Limited edition of 100 copies / Signed/ DM card of the exhibit 3,300 yen (tax included) --- 桑島薫 香川県生まれ。2000年渡米、映像に影響を受けファッションフォト、ポートレートをAcademy Art University, San Franciscoにて学ぶ。2004年帰国。作家活動、雑誌、広告ともに、近年は手仕事や地域の魅力を伝える撮影に携わる。光と影を追い求めた情景や、真っ直ぐに被写体を見つめたポートレートなど、クリアな視点を持った写真作品である。主なプロジェクトに「農家アート」、Google Cultural Institute「日本の匠」、「京焼今展」などがある。 Kaoru Kuwajima Photographer. Born in Kagawa, Japan in 1979. She was influenced by motion pictures and studied fashion photography and portraiture at Academy Art University, San Francisco, USA. After returning to Japan in 2004, she has photographed for her own artwork, magazines, as well as advertisements. In recent years, she has been involved in photography to convey the charm of local communities, handcrafts, and traditional culture in Japan. Her works have a clear point of view such as scenes that pursue light and shadow, and portraits that gaze straight at the subject. Major projects include “Farmer and Art,” Google Cultural Institute’s “Japanese Artisans,” and “Modern Kyoto Ceramics.” 
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